Calculator templates ask users questions about their current setup, needs or expectations and then give them a numerical result. The numerical result can be an estimate of savings, price, revenue, ROI, risk exposure or anything else - and is calculated based on a custom formula defined by the company.
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Product Finder with Cost per use calculation

The template allows us to guide customers towards their areas of interest and pitch relevant products. In addition to seeing relevant products, visitors can calculate the cost per use for each product, giving them more insights into its value. The products shown and the input for the calculation are all defined from a CSV file that can easily be updated to contain the company’s products.

Body Age Calculator

Template designed for businesses selling pharmaceutical, fitness or food-related products. Customers are asked about their current lifestyle and health habits and are provided a calculation of their real body age. Visitors are invited to go through 8 questions, which are then used in a formula to present a personalised result.

Saving Calculator

The template provides a quick financial overview, allowing visitors to calculate their savings. Users must type in four data inputs to collect data necessary for the formula.
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