Interactive Marketing Platform

Dot is an international platform where companies and agencies can create Interactive Customer Experiences for any purpose, placed on any channel, without coding. The platform offers a way to create an interactive experience that is easy for non-technical business users, 100% customisable in design and functionality, and quick launch while automatically collecting actionable data insights at scale, directly integrated with any system.
• UX Research 
• UI Design
• Guides & Templates Creation
• Brand Identity

Growth and maintenance

My primary focus was the expansion of dot platform functionality including Advanced Editor for Interactive Experience Creation, Quick Editor, Analytics Dashboard and Configuration Mode for more complex Experiences.

I implemented the process iteratively and collaborated closely with the development team and stakeholders. Following the new launch of each feature, I formulated hypotheses and monitored the UX’s effectiveness using the Analytics implemented withing the system.

Advanced Editor

Using Advanced Editor mode, customers can create interactive experiences from scratch or customise existing templates to adjust them to their purpose. The advanced editor offers a wide range of features and possibilities, from the styling, animations, and expansion of existing templates, including analytics, draw settings or formulas, data storage or custom javascript.
UX Process
New functionalities and UI improvements were created based on the new template concepts that needed a simplified implementation, supported by data analytics tool that is built into the platform. Every new feature development was based on specifically defined metrics and monitored on the analytics dashboard.

Quick Edits

Whether customers need lightning-fast results, they can directly enter the chosen template and adjust it to their brand. There is full control over interactive experience management, such as prize management and CSV files with products and prices, The “step by step” editor allows customers to adjust and publish their experience within minutes.
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