Marketing Games Templates

The templates were created for companies who wish to engage their audience and promote their business. They encourage the company’s target audience to interact with the brand through gamified experiences. The templates were designed for Dot, using their Interactive Marketing Platform.
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• Template Development

Sequence Game

The template was created to challenge customers’ memory skills while featuring selected products to collect insights. Visitors are invited to play this classic memory game to win a prize. They must repeat the sequence up to 10 times to enter the draw. Once they complete the lead form, they must select one of the four featured products they like the most. After selecting a product, the game becomes a wheel of fortune experience to show if they won.

Product Race

The template was created to engage customers in businesses’ products in a whole new way. It lets them select their favourite and race it to win prizes. The game is simple: customers must pick the products they believe will win the race. A prize is given out immediately if the selected product wins the race.

Memory game

The game puts customers to test their memory. Visitors must remember the position of up to five images in a grid, then drag and drop matching images to the tight spot. They must complete all 3 rounds before being able to enter the draw. The template mainly aims to feature selected products and grow an email list.

Slot Machine

The simple and entertaining game will help promote products and generate quality leads with instant gratification. Visitors are invited to spin a slot machine for a chance to win a prize and must fill out a lead form to participate. Once the lead form has been submitted, visitors try their luck at getting three of a kind to win - if successful, they must fill out an additional winner form to claim the prize.

Gumball Machine

The template’s main purpose was to capture the audience’s attention by inviting them to play a game from their childhood. Businesses can use the game to boost sales by engaging and entertaining the audience. Visitors must fill out an initial lead form to access and play the game. A coin is given out once it has been submitted and can be used to dispense one of five gumballs for a chance to win the main prize. Only one of the gumballs guaranteed a win that can be claimed instantly.
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